Estuary: A Confluence of Art & Poetry

Compiled and edited by 

 Agnes Marton and Harriette Lawler.

Published by Moon and Mountain, 

 Copyright 2012. 

 Book design by Harriette Lawler. 

Estuarine environments are among the most productive habitats on earth. Twenty-six artists and 57 poets from around the world have come together in this 120 page, full color book to create an estuary of images and words, art and poetry flowing together in 61 artworks and 58 poems. To find out more about the featured contributors and to stay current with their works, please go to the links listed in our directory. This is our Estuarian Network.

Our contributors come from every continent except Antarctica.

Our locations map and 

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On May 29, 2013, "Estuary" won the 2013 Saboteur Award for Best Mixed Anthology at the London Book Club.

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Estuary Cover image: The braided streams of the Betsiboka Estuary in Madagascar. Courtesy Jesse Allen, based on expedited ASTER data provided the NASA/GSFC/MITI/ERSDAC/JAROS, and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team, 2004.